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Hey, guys. So, you know when you’re doing your work, and then you see an ad or you take a “10-minute break” and suddenly three hours have gone by and you’re just like:

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Yeah, I thought so.

Today we are going to talk about distractions. As a matter of fact, I’m probably going to get distracted just writing this post, so we’ll see what happens (and when this goes up).

Distractions are a problem for everyone, especially students. There is so much work that has to be done for so many classes in SO LITTLE TIME. I’m going to tell you guys some of my ways of procrastinating and how I (attempt to) overcome it.

One distraction that I have is this blog. I think about it while doing my homework, and then end up writing for it. So, even though I’m being productive in one area of my life, I am procrastinating in another. Sometimes I clean my room so I don’t have to do my homework, or vice-versa. At least I’m a productive procrastinator?

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However, this is not always the case. I used to get distracted by Pinterest a lot, using it as ways to create characters or story ideas to write for later, instead of doing what I needed to do. Now, it is Instagram. The app is a black hole filled with memes and beautiful people. The other nemesis is Tumblr, filled with fanfiction that I always want to read All. The. Time.

However, I do not only want to talk about what distracts me from my work (believe me, it would take all day and more). I want to talk about how to prevent distractions or how to ignore them.

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I usually try to put my phone to the side when doing homework, keeping it on silent or at most- vibrate. This avoids me checking messages, Instagram, etc. If I do use my phone, I use it to listen to music which will drown out external distractions. Which brings me to my next point.

MUSIC!!! It helps me so much with distractions. If I can’t find a playlist on Spotify that I want to listen to, I will generally go on YouTube and look up study playlists or sometimes meditation music to help me concentrate.

I also take a lot of breaks, which I know isn’t everyone’s style, but it helps me focus when I need to work for long periods of time. There are also times when I’m working that I cannot get something out of my head, I will have to give in and check my phone- this is generally with messages. After I check, I can usually get back to work. BUT- these breaks are usually rewards for when I get enough things done to warrant taking a break.

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I also work in sporadic chunks of time, and deadlines help me get my stuff done. If I know that something is due, then I will definitely get it done in time. Sometimes giving yourself a deadline helps you feel the need to get things done.

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Let me know in the comments what helps you guys with procrastination and distractions- maybe I’ll test it out or it’ll help someone else. Don’t forget to like and follow!

Have a rosy day,

Amanda Rose

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