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Focusing on Yourself in A Positive Way

Hi all, its been awhile.

In the time that I’ve been gone, I have moved in and started my sophomore year of college. I’ve also gotten a pixie cut, which I have wanted for 4 years, so that’s super exciting.

However, as you can probably can tell by my lack of posts, it has been very stressful. I will try to post at least every other week and see how that works.

For this week, because of recent events in my life, I want to talk to you guys about having a conversation with yourself.

You know, checking in, stepping back and seeing how you feel as a person. This could be with anything- your school/work life, friendships, love life (or lack thereof), family, and how you are doing with your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Now, I know that definitely sounds like a lot. And you might not be able to focus on this in one whole chunk of time, but it is important to take a step back every day and see how you are doing, and what you have accomplished.

proud self five GIF by Zara Larsson

Accomplishments can come in many forms. For example: one day I could barely get out of bed, so it was a self-care day. I spent it with my dad and sister, and later took care of myself and tried to relax. The day did involve some well-needed tears that led to a good cry, but sometimes you need that.

For today, my accomplishments included: attending 2 classes and giving a speech in one of them, finishing 2 ½ assignments, taking some me time to relax, engaging in social interaction, and writing this blog post.

If I didn’t stop to take a look at all of the things I did today, I probably would have felt like I got nothing done.

We live in a society focused on productivity.

work office GIF by Topshelf Records

But, productive for whom?

Our society runs on the big successes of people. But, we have to take care of ourselves before we can do work that we will be proud of.

self love GIF by Chibird

How we feel emotionally and physically is represented in the work we do. It is more likely that someone is going to make mistakes on a project if they are exhausted while working on it. If we don’t take care of ourselves, then we’ll end up like this poor fella:

working shake hands GIF

And no one wants that, not even your employers (because then they have to find someone to replace you and I assume that’s a lot of paperwork).

We need to look at our personal lives and how we view ourselves, and work on improving ourselves for ourselves- not for anyone else.

That is something I realized only recently. I need to look at myself and accept myself for who I am. I need to forgive myself for trying to be someone else, as well.

We need to look at ourselves and see what is bothering us, and what we can do to fix it. And if we can’t, or if it will need time- we need to allow that and forgive ourselves. It does nothing to be upset with yourself for something you can’t control.

I don’t mean to sound preachy- that is not what this is about. These are things that I need to work on as well. I don’t claim to be some magical life coach with her shit together. But, I do hope that by sharing what works and what doesn’t work for me helps someone reading this.

love yourself GIF

This post has gone on for long enough. Let me know in the comments what you liked, didn’t like, your experiences with accomplishments and self-talk, etc.

Have a rosy day,

Amanda Rose


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