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July’s Top 7

Hi all, sorry for the long break between posts, I was dealing with some things but it’s relatively okay now. Without further ado, July’s Top 7!

1.Bullet Journaling and Planners

So I may have mentioned this in the June Top 7, I honestly don’t remember and I’m too lazy to check TBH. I am a hoe for stationary and office supplies. I love organizing plans and color-coding (which you couldn’t tell because my room is a mess but I’m working on it). My favorite part of bullet journaling is that you decide how you want to organize your planner. I use 2 bullet journals (bujos) and a planner. My first bujo is a personal goal one with some to do lists, a few brain dumps, the occasional mood tracker, a spending tracker, and a diary section. The second bujo is for my blog, with a calendar for posting schedules, ideas to write, a 2 brain dumps, and my reading list for the summer. My planner is an Erin Condren planner with the hourly setup, which was a more than a little pricey (I do not know if I will buy it again,) I love this planner because of its setup, and the ability to still be able to give it some personality. However, I do wish that it had more hours in the setup. Depending on how it works during the semester, I will let you know if I will be buying it again next year. Another good planner is Sarah’s Scribbles. I used that last year at school, and have it for this semester as well, and it is a lot cheaper option and a great planner. It does not have an hourly setup, but it has 3 different sections for you to organize your plans by topic rather than time.  There will be a longer post about bullet journaling later in the month or in August.


Self-care is something that people should do more often. I find self-care very important, and is something that people should take seriously. Now, I’m not trying to sound like a Tumblr girl who is like “self-care will cure your depression” or the neurotypical “have you tried yoga?” stereotype. However, self-care, however you identify it, gives your mind a break. I think self-care is extremely important, and not only to those with mental illness or when you are stressed. I think self-care can help you prevent a small portion of negative emotions and stress. Even if it may not be a lot, I believe that if you can make yourself even the slightest bit happier then you should.

3.Surrounding yourself with love

This may be something strange to put on a Top 5, 7, 10, etc. but it really is important. I never fully thought about the people that I surround myself with until my second semester of college when I had an unfortunate argument with my friend group which caused me to reevaluate my life at college. This happened again recently because of a breakup (we are still friends, actually) and I wanted to see if I would really be happy with being friends. It also helped that my high school best friends and I are still really close and they have been helping me a lot with not only my breakup but also my mental health and a lot of personal struggles that I have been having.

As much as my friends have been helping, my family has also been really good to me. Always appreciate your family, (unless you are in a toxic situation), because they really are there for you.

Finally, (this was a really long section), love yourself. Take care of yourself and be gentle with yourself.

4.Erasable pens

Okay, enough of the sappy, deep stuff. This is a big jump tbh and it’s a little funny. I love Parkoo and Frixon pens. I make a lot of mistakes especially when planning things and doing a bujo so erasable pens are a godsend. I’m always changing plans and live kind of hectically, so erasable pens are a lot more useful than I originally thought.

5.Colourpop makeup

Okay, I have always loved Colourpop makeup, especially their Lux Lipsticks. However, I want to talk about their gel pencil eyeliner. I have recently loved adding a pop of color to my look with an adventurous eyeliner. I also really like their Uh-Huh Honey palette, which is mainly yellow which is my FAVORITE color. I’m also a fan of their Fourth Ray Beauty products because it is all about skincare and I LOVE skincare.

6.College advice posts/books

I really like college advice and adulting books and posts. I find them really fun and informative to read especially because I have absolutely no idea what I am doing EVER. I also love self-help books because it is so good and uplifting to hear encouragement.

7. Reading before going to sleep

This is pretty self-explanatory. I love being able to relax before I go to sleep and read a good book. This also can go under self-care because it really relaxes me and I used to not have to time for reading and used to be really upset that I didn’t. But now that I’ve gotten back to it I really do love it and it also helps move my blog forward.

Okay that’s all for today, it was a bit of a long post so sorry if you don’t enjoy that kind of thing.

Have a rosy day,

Amanda Rose

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