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Just Juliet

Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan is a breath of fresh air in a place where I can rarely find good romance novels about two females in a relationship. The book was an emotional rollercoaster which had its highs and lows. It’s safe to say that I loved every second of it.

The main character, Lena, struggles with her sexuality throughout the book after she meets the new girl, Juliet. I personally identified with Lena because she was a bisexual woman struggling with her sexuality, something I did for a long time. I also identified with a lot of her anxieties.

The love story aspect was wonderful. And the ideas towards the end of the story were definitely some things that I needed to hear after recent events that I have been going through. The story is about how everything will turn out how they are meant to be, no matter how long it takes.

I rate this story 10 out of 10 roses.

Have a rosy day,

Amanda Rose

P.S. This story is free with an Amazon Unlimited account and is $3 to $7 to buy.

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