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Summer Lookbook

I used to really like lookbooks as a kid, and even though I’m not making YouTube videos (yet), I wanted to do one for the summer.

So my first summer look is a red, white, and blue striped top and a denim skirt. I love the outfit that I’m wearing in the picture, the shirt and skirt are both from Forever 21 (IK IK its fast fashion, I’m trying to stop shopping there but I am a college student).

I decided to pair this with a bold blue eye shadow with a silver-ish highlight in the corner of my eye. I went with this because my other two looks are very warm looks and I didn’t want the whole “summer lookbook” to be just yellows and oranges.

For the palettes I used the blue shade in Tarte’s Fruit Sorbet and the silver shade (I think it is Cinderella themed) in Colourpop’s Disney princess palette.

Look #2

So for this look I actually used a sunflower romper from Romwe as the top and used yet another skirt, however this one is green and corduroy, from Forever 21. I’ve really become a fan on hunter/dark green combined with yellow. My shoes are also custom Vans that were a birthday gift last year.

First off, apologies for the flakes in my eyebrows and eyelashes, I have really bad eczema and it is extremely bad right now and I am not happy about it. Now for the makeup- I chose a golden orange look to use with this outfit. All colors came from Colourpop’s Yes, Please! palette.

The lipstick in this look is yet again, a Colourpop product: Lux Lipstick in 21 Questions. I also have my hair curled in all of these looks because I wanted to try it out. I used a mini straightener to do the wavy curls.

Look #3

For this look, I chose a green camisole from New York & Company paired with yellow corduroy pants that I thrifted. I also used a cardigan that I thought reminded me of Jean Grey from the new Dark Phoenix movie.

I used a subtle yellow eye look and some faint highlighter. This whole look is a Colourpop look, what a surprise.

I used the Uh-Huh Honey palette and the same lipstick as the previous two looks. I also used a Colourpop highlighter, in Dreamscape.

I hope you all enjoyed this lookbook and I hope you are inspired to create some of your own or incorporate these ideas into your wardrobe.

Have a rosy day,

Amanda Rose

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