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Fun Summer Hangout Ideas

Hi everyone! So I’ve been hanging out a lot with my friends lately, as many college students do over the summer, and I thought I would share some hangout ideas for the summer. Now, I want the list to be as simple and, dare I say it- cheap, as possible. As college students, we don’t have as much money to kill as we did before or as much as adults with real adult jobs do. I hope you find some things of interest here- and now… without further ado- the list!

  1. Thrifting

I have had a lot of fun with my friends thrifting this summer. There is a really nice place in NJ called Plato’s Closet and they have some great finds- including this uber cute n’ funky jacket a got.

2. Going to a park

Honestly, any kind of activity outdoors is great for summer. Parks are, for the most part, free. AND if you go to a park there is a huge possibility of making some new friends, such as tiny little animals or doggos (some prefer the term floofers).

3. Going to the beach

Again, outdoors. The beach is a fun way to keep cool and isn’t too expensive depending on where you go. (I live in NJ so there are beaches EVERYWHERE). Plus, you can take cute pictures while you are there. Which brings me to my next topic…

4. Photoshoots

My friends and I LOVE to go to take photos in different places. For example, we are planning a trip to a rose garden to get some cute Instagram shots. And you know I will be getting pictures of me reading there. Last summer my friends and I got really cute shots at Disney during our school trip, now I’m definitely not saying to plan an expensive trip just for pictures, but finding a nice little garden or going to the beach may be the perfect places to get some nice shots.

5. Hiking

I have not gotten to go yet this summer, but some of my friends have gone and sent me pictures and nature is so beautiful. Of course, you need to remember to wear bug spray and sunscreen. You should also bring some bottles of water depending on how long you plan on walking. Hydration is important!

6. Just at someone’s house

I love hanging out at my friends’ houses. Usually their parents are super sweet and its nice to get out of the house. And if you are hosting, it is fun to have the company. Whether you are just talking, playing games, or watching movies, it’s always a blast to just be with your friends.

7. Go on an adventure

Just get in the car with your friends and drive for an hour or so. It doesn’t matter if you know where you are going, you can end up anywhere. (as long as you have a GPS to get you home) I love doing this with my friends. Sometimes we get a little lost but that’s okay, because its about the memories you make and the experiences you have.

I hope this gives some people ideas for the summer. I’ll be writing soon.

Have a rosy day,

Amanda Rose

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