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My Top 10 LGBTQ Characters

Rosa Diaz

Rosa Diaz is a badass bisexual ICON from the FOX and NBC show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The character comes out in Season 5 and has multiple relationships with guys and girls on the show. Her character shows how bisexuals are attracted to both males and females, and in a funny way too, as the show is a comedy.

Raymond Holt

Raymond Holt, the captain of B99, is one of the funniest gay characters I have ever seen. He is stoic in almost every way, but says a lot of things that sound diva-esque.

Jake Peralta

Jake Peralta also from B99 is in a relationship with his wife, Amy Santiago, but has been attracted to both men and women. He also makes several jokes on occasion about being bi and finding men attractive.

Audrey Jensen

Audrey Jensen, played by genderfluid and lesbian actor Bex Taylor-Klaus, on the MTV series Scream is a bi-curious female. She is tough, badass, and the show thoroughly covers her struggle in being bi and coming out to friends and family. She struggles through the series with many crushes, mainly those having to do with females.

Sara Lance

Sara Lance, another sassy, badass character is also bisexual. She is from the TV show Legends of Tomorrow. She has been in relationships with both men and women throughout history (the show is about time travel).

Charlie Bradbury

Charlie Bradbury is a lesbian on the show Supernatural. Not only is she one of my favorite gay characters, she is also one of my favorites in general. She shows the clumsy, awkward, fangirl type of gay (which is only partially a joke) and becomes more and more badass the longer she is one the show. But (SPOILER ALERT seriously, if you care and want to watch the series spoiler free, don’t read the rest of Charlie’s section)     she falls prey to the Bury Your Gays trope, which made many angered as she was a wonderful character and many have been upset by the trope as well.

John Constantine

John Constantine is a bi/pansexual from the show Legends of Tomorrow. He is a sassy sorcerer with a loner type attitude. He is funny and extremely fun to watch.


Chuck is from the television show Supernatural. Many watch the show and had guessed that the writer was also God. However, no one would have guessed that the Christian god batted for both teams. Chuck is a humorous character to watch, and accepts everyone for who they are.

Alex Danvers

Alex Danvers is from the CW show Supergirl. She is another badass lesbian, and has not fallen to the bury your gays trope (thank god). She is a wonderful sister to Kara Danvers, and it would be a shame for the show to let her go.

Leonard Snart

Finally, we have Leonard Snart from the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, both CW shows in the Arrowverse. He is snarky and hilarious to watch. He is also one of my favorite characters in general.

All of these characters have something to offer in their shows. They have been very well done, but are also many of the mainstream LGBT characters. As writers, we need to do better and become more diverse in our characters. And if you are not a writer, then I recommend advocating for more diversified casts and characters in television, movies, and books.

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