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The Selection Review

The Selection series by Keira Cass was one of my favorite series in high school and I have been waiting to write about it for a while now.

The first three books (The Selection, The Elite, and The One) in the series is about a girl named America Singer who gets chosen from a lottery along with thirty-four other girls to live in the castle with the single bachelor Prince Maxon. The catch, they are competing to be his wife, and the next queen. They are in the lap of luxury, but America, one of the lowest and poorest caste girls there, struggling with the duties of being one of the Selected. She hates the Selection but stays in it for her family, who needs the money they receive from her being there. From bratty drama to her newfound crush for Prince Maxon, who knows what types of trouble America will get herself into.

The fourth and fifth books (The Heir and The Crown) are about Prince Maxon’s daughter, Princess Eadlyn. She is the first princess to have her own Selection, and struggles with the stress of it all. I have not finished this part of the series yet, but I am sure it will be just as good as the first three.

What really made the first three books for me was America’s character. She is sassy and a bit awkward and I love her for it. Her moral dilemmas in the story made her a realistic character along with all of her flaws that just made her all the more perfect to me.

I loved following her throughout all three books and I would finish them in a day because I would not be able to put them down.

Below I have linked the amazon page to get all five books in the series in paperback. I also have listed the first 3 books in the series for amazon as well which will include kindle and audiobook versions. I highly recommend you go check them out and read them if you are interested. This series is amazing and I really hope you give it a shot.

5 books:

The Elite:

The One:

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