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Writing LGBT Characters

Writing LGBT characters should be very similar to writing straight ones. Yes, you have to take into account the aspect of them possibly dating the opposite sex, being the opposite gender than the sex they were born as, and/or them have more or less than one gender (non-binary, genderfluid, etc.)

I find it fun to write LGBT characters as they are usually quirky, and I base them off of a lot of my friends who are LGBT.

Now, writing LGBT characters doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING they do has to be about their sexuality. Every scene they’re in doesn’t have to be sexual. In fact, many readers would prefer that it is not.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love an LGBT coming out story or something similar, but that doesn’t have to be the only story you tell when it comes to your LGBT characters.

People in the LGBT community want to see accurate representation in the media. They look for representation that they can relate to. It is SO important to have this representation in writing.

For example, seeing Audrey Jensen (Scream MTV Series) and White Canary/Sara Lance (Legends of Tomorrow) helped me realize that I was bi. It was a kind of enlightening experience to see that there were other people that were attracted to both genders.

Kids need to see this. They need to know that the world isn’t only black and white, straight or gay, or even just straight. Readers want to see characters they can relate to.

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