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A Drunken Fae

Puck knows that she has an issue.  She takes another shot of vodka at the bar.  I can still stand.  I can still remember.  Guess its not enough yet.  Puck takes glass after glass, shot after shot.  One man, watches her from the other side of the bar.  She doesn’t let it bother her, at least, not until she receives a drink from him.  It’s a glass of their oldest bottle of whiskey.  The man comes over to her.

            “The name’s Derek.  You gotta have some dark past to be drinking here like this every night.”

            “Dude, leave me alone.  I’m not interested in talking.  Didn’t come here for that.”

            “Come on, doll.”  No answer.  “Well, if you’re not in the mood to talk, how about a lil’ kiss and I can bring you back to my-” Puck punches Derek in the face, causing him a broken and bloody nose.

            “Don’t swing that way.”  Puck gets up and leaves the bar, feeling high off of the booze and adrenaline. 

Puck stumbles home and fumbles with the lock to get in.  The apartment’s small, but it’s big enough for the two living there: a living room and dining room combo, a kitchen, one bathroom, and two bedrooms.  Pictures and Puck’s artwork of fairies and mermaids line the walls of the apartment while Tiana, Puck’s best friend, blasts her music as she tries to edit it and find the right beat.  Puck stares at her friend, eyes glassing over because of how drunk she is.

            Tiana stops the music from playing as soon as she sees Puck walk in.  “Puck, what are you doing?  I was worried about you.  I thought you were trying to fix this.  You promised me you were going to try.”  Their black cat, Fairy, sprints out of the room when she sees Puck.

            Puck giggles, finally feeling the full effect of the alcohol, “Wanted to feel the buzz again.  Feels magical.”

            “Girl, you’ll feel so much better if you just stop this.  You can’t live your life drunk off your ass all the time.”  Tiana jumps off the couch, black and brown curls bouncing around her head with every stride as she walks over to Puck.  “Get to bed.  You’re going to be so hungover tomorrow,” she points a finger at the door.

            Puck sticks her tongue out at Tiana and stumbles to her bedroom.  The room starts to spin and she collapses onto the bed, falling asleep to the sound of Tiana’s voice singing to the beat that she finally found.

            The next morning, Puck wakes up with a splitting headache.  “Rise and shine, girl!  You’re gonna get that ass up outta bed and start helping me clean.”

            Puck groans and puts the pillow over her head, “Not before you make me that hangover cure drink.”

            Tiana laughs, “Nah, Puck.  You’re dealing with this hangover on your own.  This’ll probably be the last time you drink.  Lord, I hope so.  Remember that Anastasia is coming by tonight, so you better sober up.”

            “But, why?” Puck whines, “I’ve been drunk around her beforeeee.”

            Tiana sighs, “Because its EMBARASSING!  You slur your words and do stupid things and look like a joke!  She’s my mother and used to be your caretaker.  Have some god-damn respect.”

            “Sorry,” Puck rolls her eyes and crawls out of bed, soon sprinting to the bathroom. She kneels in front of the toilet and holding her blonde, color-streaked ponytail back.  Once Puck has puked and pissed all of the alcohol from her body, she rinses her mouth and starts to clean the bathroom.  She keeps all the lights off as she cleans and flinches every time Tiana speaks.  Tiana decides to have mercy on Puck, and puts on some of her softer songs for background noise.

            Puck cleans herself up after scrubbing the bathroom and the kitchen.  She keeps the lights in the apartment on a dim setting because of the remains of her headache.  She flinches with each Knock! Knock! Knock! on the door.  Sensing her discomfort, Fairy rubs her head against Puck’s leg.  Tiana goes to answer the door to before she can even reach for the handle, it swings open.  Puck gapes at the door in shock, but thinks that maybe it’s just the last of the alcohol leaving her system and lets it go.  Tiana stares at the door and then looks up into Anastasia’s green eyes, her confusion disappearing. “Hi, Mom!  How are you?”

            The curly haired red-head hugs Tiana, “I’m marvelous.  You do know, you don’t have to call me that if you don’t want to.”

            “I know, Mom, but I deserve to have a mother.  You’ve been more of a parent to me than my biological ones ever were.”  Tiana’s dark brown hands wring together after she lets go of Anastasia. 

The Irish woman smiles at Puck, “Hey, sugar, how is everything?”

“It’s okay, Stasia.”  Suddenly Puck’s headache disappears, “Actually, things have gotten better since you’ve gotten here.”

Tiana glares at Anastasia, raising an eyebrow.  The older woman just smiles, “We should go eat dinner, shouldn’t we?  It smells delicious.”

Knowing Anastasia all too well, the girls decided to make pancakes and French toast.  The older woman loved all things sweet, and would never pass up on breakfast for dinner.  They also make homemade sugar cookies for her to snack on during their movie night.

The girls all sit down at the table and talk about what’s been going on in their lives.  Tiana just got signed to the Lyric.Ally music company, Puck has been teaching art at Brookefeld High School and doing commissions of fantasy creatures during her free time, and Anastasia tells them all about her traveling adventures around America, England, and Ireland.

Puck begins thinking about how she’s been wanting to go to Ireland and visit the Celtic areas, especially the places where there are myths of elves and fairies living in their midst.  Suddenly all of the electronic devices in the house turn off and then on again, revealing different pictures of places that Puck wants to visit.  What the actual hell?

“Isn’t that strange?” Anastasia exclaims, looking to Tiana with raised eyebrows.  “Maybe that’s the cue to get dessert.”

Tiana asks Puck if she could get the sugar cookies from the kitchen.  Fairy is laying on top of Puck’s feet and she really doesn’t want to disturb the cat.  However, just as she shifts to get up, the cookies levitate into the air and then begin to drop onto the ground.  Puck screams and Tiana watches in shock; time freezes as Anastasia thrusts her hand out and stops them from falling, setting them back on the table.

“Okay, look!  I know I drank a LOT last night, but I didn’t drink enough to be hallucinating.  What that hell is going on?” Puck yells and points a finger at Tiana, “You’ve been yelling at me for days to get sober and you,” she points to Anastasia, “just saw three random occurrences, didn’t even bat an eye, and somehow magically set it back on the table!  What’s going on?”

Tiana looks to Anastasia, wringing her hands together.  Anastasia takes the cue to talk, and walks over to Puck, “Honey, look, we didn’t want to tell you about this until you were old enough to be responsible.  You had to grow up before we told you.”

Puck’s eyes dart to Tiana’s and glare into them, “You knew about this?”

Anastasia raises her volume, “Puck, listen.  Sit down and I will explain,” the twenty-three year old sits down in the chair. 

Anastasia puts her hand over Puck’s, “Hun, your mother was an alcoholic and became pregnant.  She begged me to help her child live even though she would drink during her pregnancy, claiming she ‘would die without it’ and asked that I would take the you from her.  I granted her wish by giving the child, you, the gift of fae blood- giving you powers.  However, the catch was that your powers would not work when too much alcohol was in your system, because of your mother being an alcoholic, which started the entire dilemma.”

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