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The Monster Diaries

Prompt: Write a series of diary entries without using pronouns or full sentences. Modeled after The Semplica Girl Diaries.

Sept. 6

            Today female customer came into coffee shop.  Looked familiar.  Wearing black long sleeve shirt and pants in 90-degree.  Ordered avocado toast with no garlic; allergic, and black coffee. Iris. Suspicious.  Took her order and watched her sit at one of desks, pulling out book: Vampire Diaries.  Stayed in shop all day.  Odd.

            In evening, went in search of woman.  Had stake in pocket.  Could not find.  Found werewolf instead.  Let it be, need to find woman.  Did not find woman.  Went home and got drunk on whiskey.  Lonely at home.  Alex not home.  Miss Alex.  Alex in hospital because vampire woman.  Must find woman.

            My fault Alex in hospital.  Did not protect.  Alex tried to help when woman broke in.  Tried to kill Alex.  Did not succeed.  Love Alex.  Alex my boyfriend.  Traumatized.  Tired, want to sleep.  Want to sleep with Alex.  Do not mean like that.  Want to sleep in same bed as Alex.  Need to keep Alex safe.  Sleep and find woman tomorrow.

Sept. 7

            Could not go to work today.  Hungover.  Disappointment to everyone.  Alex sad that didn’t visit.  Phone call instead:

            Alex: I miss you babe.  You can’t keep blaming yourself for this.  Don’t worry about finding who did this.

            Me:  I have to keep everyone safe.  Especially you.  I can’t fail again.

Alex sighs:  I will talk to you soon.  Be safe.  Love you.

Do not get to respond.  Hung up before.  Sit on couch, reaching for bottle.  Can’t drink- empty.  Throw bottle. Yeet.  Hours pass.  Stand up- dizzy.  Find stake; put in pocket.  Leave to find woman.  Run down alley, where saw her leave shop.  Sitting at same table in shop.  Hid in alley until left.  Waited for her to leave.

See door open.  Look around corner; only see stray dog.  Eyes tear up, lip quiver, sigh through clenched teeth.  Go search.  Go into nearby forest.  See dog again.  Must not scare it.  See dog turn into tall woman with long hair.  Realize dog is wolf from last night.  Confused.  Angry.  Cannot go after vampire tonight.

Sept. 8

            Go to work with stake and silver bullets in gun in pocket.  Not see woman until late in day.  Ordered same thing.  Sat and read new book: Twilight Saga: New Moon.  Waited for her to leave.  Closed up shop and stalked her.  Saw her go into alley, turned into stray dog.

            Tackled stray dog.  Dog turned into woman, now had sharp teeth.  Shoot arm with silver.  Looks weaker.

            Me:  Why did you attack Alex?

            Iris: Needed payback.  You hurt my sister- Ava.

            Me: She was hurting other people.

            Iris: You will pay.  This town will run red with blood.

Turned into stray dog and escaped.  Tried to follow.  Don’t know if I will find again.

            Visited Alex.  Apologized.  Alex said it okay.  Do not look for Iris anymore.  Give Alex stake.  We protect.  We attack.  But most importantly, we giggle, make fun of vamp-werewolf hybrid. Too strange.

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