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Hi all, I know it is unconventional to talk about money, especially when you are trying to make it, but here we go.

I am looking to monetize my blog in different ways, as I am sure many bloggers are.

Here is what I can offer:

1- Short stories written for my readers- I will most likely post the requested stories, UNLESS I am asked specifically not to. Pricing will be about 1-5 cents per word, depending on the type of story and the length.

2. Poetry for my readers- The same idea as short stories. I will most likely post unless I am asked specifically not to. I will charge $5 for every 4 lines. $5 being the minimum. (i.e. if you ask for a poem to be 3 lines, it will still be $5)

3. Blogs about certain topics, as long as they pertain to some type of written or photographed art, be it my opinion on it, book reviews that are not yours, movie reviews, etc. These would be around $5 for a 250 word blog, $7 for 500 words, and $10 for 1000 words. Anything higher would be discussed.

4. I can also advertise other writing blogs or books. An ad/shout-out for a blog will be $1. An ad for a book would be $3. A review for your website would be $5 and for a book would be $8.

REQUIREMENTS: If stories/poetry are reposted, I- Amanda Rose aka: AmandaFullofRoses receive credit. All rights to stories, poems, and other works remain mine.

I do not write sex scenes. I will not write copyrighted things, aka fanfiction. Those asks will be ignored.

I will only be accepting money through Paypal.

To talk to me about business ONLY, my email is:

Thank you if you read all of this!

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