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I know, I know, it’s strange for a writer to go straight into talking about science. But listen, if I’m talking about science, it has GOT to be interesting.

I just worked on an essay for school, (creative writing major– I get a LOT of essays) on a memoir called Lab Girl by Hope Jahren. I totally recommend it, I’ve only read the first chapter but it totally changed my views on science.

Jahren states that you don’t have to know math and physics and complicated formulas to understand sciences. She definitely thinks it would help, but all you really need to do is observe what is around you.

When you think about that, isn’t that what a writer does?

Writers observe the world around them and describe in detail what they find. Scientists do the same in lab reports.

The difference is that a writer will use their findings to create beautiful works where their words are stitched together to create something for others to find themselves in. A scientist will use their findings to discover more about the beautiful world that we live in.

We are all working together. We are not wholly divided. We are all working towards being with each other. We are not alone.

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