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How I Knew I Wanted to Write

My grandmother taught me how to read and write and my dad would read me stories as a child. Because of them, my love for words blossomed into what it is today.

When I was young, my best friend Alyssa and I would write stories and illustrate them together (we were in elementary school, so to be honest, they weren’t always very good).

I wrote poetry on my own in middle school. Teachers were very supportive of my endeavor, and were even more proud when I declared I wanted to become an author.

In 8th grade, I discovered fanfiction. I was in LOVE with a television show called Merlin on BBC, so I began writing fanfiction for it under the name Lunatris262, along with other stories that have yet to be finished.

I had some major problems in 8th grade that still are alive in my life now. Anxiety and depression can be brutal, but creativity and love can help you through it.

With the help of my family and friends, I continued to write. They supported me through all of my struggles, and encouraged me to live my dream of becoming a writer. Writing saved me.

Throughout high school, I made characters and plot lines and wrote short stories. My teachers were impressed with my work and determination to become an author. I even became the president of the book club at my high school in Sophomore year and built it nearly from scratch.

I prepared to go to college as a Creative Writing major, which leads me to where I am now. I am a Creative Writing major. I am an author. I am following my dreams.

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